Byde was born Jason Byde, son of General Mathew Byde and Major Georgia Byde; active members of the military. Byde was a bit unruly right from an early age, and his parents offered firm disciplinary action in turn. This didn’t stop Byde from continuing the trend of misbehavior. Like his three female siblings, Byde was sent away to boarding school.

At boarding school, Byde faced the same issues of frequent disciplinary action. Tired of the military lifestyle being forced down his throat, he escaped the boarding school and became an orphan on the streets of Night City. He proved to be surprisingly resourceful on the streets, despite almost no exposure to said lifestyle in advance. He managed to kill a couple of kids with a gun he carried at the age of fourteen. Because of the circumstances of the dead gangers and the fact he was a minor, he faced manslaughter charges and was given a minimum sentence of four years in juvenile hall. Though no one is quite certain how, Byde would leave juvey in less than a year, a free kid.

At the age of 17 he met Ryn and would begin his journey as an Edge Runner


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