Cyberpunk 2030 - An Impending Darkness

A New Revelation

It is soon discovered that Adrianna and Ryn are brother and sister. She is releived to see him and he is happy (although it doesn’t show) that she is alright.

Lost & Found

Rutger is arrested and taken into custody by LEDiv agents. Before he is escorted into an AV-4, he tells the party to find and protect Jace. The party discovers that neither Jace nor Kuma are answering their Agents. It is further discovered that the missing party members have been “captured”. The party’s Ripperdoc had been beat up badly (fell unconscious during an attack) when Kuma and Jace were taken by what is later discovered to be two GOP members. They didn’t get far, however. Outside on the street, the two gang members are assaulted by a lone male who seems to easily take out the two GOP and drive away with Kuma and Jace. Ryn connects with an eyewitness (street person named Marshal, for his organizational abilities) and the party sees a video taken by Marshal. In it, the party witnesses the two GOP members dragging Jace and Kuma out of the Ripperdoc’s residence and then being ambushed by Waxfire (found through some investigation on Semper’s part). Wax fire is confronted and then “taken along”. Two more GOP members show up and a fight ensues. The party dispatches the gangs and then Waxfire takes them to a hidden warehouse where Kuma, Jace, and Adrianna are being held.

The Sighting

After Jace’s body was dragged along the streets, Kuma took him to the party’s Ripperdoc for some much needed repairs.
The players utilize their contacts and discover some digital video of Adrianna talking with an unidentified man. With the help of Semper and two LEDiv Agents, the man is discovered to be Rutger Eichmann, a former Flatline 2020 technician and scientist. The party tracks down his whereabouts and finds him frequenting a Burlesque Show and Gentleman’s Club called Silver. The group arrives, manipulates their way backstage (meeting the owner/operator Jared and a dancer/singer by the name of Brandy) and confronts Rutger. He is with a womyn who is terrified because he is acting very strange. Rutger seems to think the dancer is his wife, although the party has established that Rutger’s wife and two young girls were killed. Rutger also goes on about Jace and how he is “one of the special ones”. The party takes control and signals LEDiv to meet them in the back. Rutger is taken away with the party in tow.


The party finds themselves interrogating Glass. Everything goes fairly well and he reveals that he took his orders from a man named Bulldog. Bulldog is a fixer and connection-maker. Glass was given 20K to follow Adrianna and then give her whereabouts to Bulldog. Glass reluctantly gives the party the address for Bulldog’s warehouse in the Dock District and the party moves in… but not before pretending to kidnap Wallace and then contact Bulldog to tell him they have Wallace and need a meeting.
A fight ensues with Bulldog ending up being captured and later interrogated and then executed. A stranger named Brooklyn is found with Bulldog, but gets away. He is later idenitifed as a corporate solo and is working for MetaCortex. His handler of sorts is a man named Simon Peters. Through files obtained at the warehous, it is determined that MetaCortex is linked with Flatline 2020. Flatline was bought up by MetaCortex and they are interested in Adrianna.

Two side notes: the Givers Of Pain (GOP) have contacted the group and told them to back off. Night City Police Department (NCPD) have started investigating the disappearance of Glass.

New Arrivals
Morgan and Rogue

August 21st, 2031
Last session, Morgan Blackhand and Rogue show up at the popular bar and nightclub, Raze. They are interested in working alongside the party to find out more information regarding the disappearnce of Adrianna Raine from Rayne Media (medium-sized entertainment/news corp). A drug dealer named Glass has just been aprehended from his home and is being taken to an undisclosed locale for interrogation. He was last seen around the corporate district watching Rayne Media shortly before Adrianna was taken from her car a short distance from her residence.


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