Cyberpunk 2030 - An Impending Darkness

The Sighting

After Jace’s body was dragged along the streets, Kuma took him to the party’s Ripperdoc for some much needed repairs.
The players utilize their contacts and discover some digital video of Adrianna talking with an unidentified man. With the help of Semper and two LEDiv Agents, the man is discovered to be Rutger Eichmann, a former Flatline 2020 technician and scientist. The party tracks down his whereabouts and finds him frequenting a Burlesque Show and Gentleman’s Club called Silver. The group arrives, manipulates their way backstage (meeting the owner/operator Jared and a dancer/singer by the name of Brandy) and confronts Rutger. He is with a womyn who is terrified because he is acting very strange. Rutger seems to think the dancer is his wife, although the party has established that Rutger’s wife and two young girls were killed. Rutger also goes on about Jace and how he is “one of the special ones”. The party takes control and signals LEDiv to meet them in the back. Rutger is taken away with the party in tow.



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