Cyberpunk 2030 - An Impending Darkness

Lost & Found

Rutger is arrested and taken into custody by LEDiv agents. Before he is escorted into an AV-4, he tells the party to find and protect Jace. The party discovers that neither Jace nor Kuma are answering their Agents. It is further discovered that the missing party members have been “captured”. The party’s Ripperdoc had been beat up badly (fell unconscious during an attack) when Kuma and Jace were taken by what is later discovered to be two GOP members. They didn’t get far, however. Outside on the street, the two gang members are assaulted by a lone male who seems to easily take out the two GOP and drive away with Kuma and Jace. Ryn connects with an eyewitness (street person named Marshal, for his organizational abilities) and the party sees a video taken by Marshal. In it, the party witnesses the two GOP members dragging Jace and Kuma out of the Ripperdoc’s residence and then being ambushed by Waxfire (found through some investigation on Semper’s part). Wax fire is confronted and then “taken along”. Two more GOP members show up and a fight ensues. The party dispatches the gangs and then Waxfire takes them to a hidden warehouse where Kuma, Jace, and Adrianna are being held.



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