Cyberpunk 2030 - An Impending Darkness


The party finds themselves interrogating Glass. Everything goes fairly well and he reveals that he took his orders from a man named Bulldog. Bulldog is a fixer and connection-maker. Glass was given 20K to follow Adrianna and then give her whereabouts to Bulldog. Glass reluctantly gives the party the address for Bulldog’s warehouse in the Dock District and the party moves in… but not before pretending to kidnap Wallace and then contact Bulldog to tell him they have Wallace and need a meeting.
A fight ensues with Bulldog ending up being captured and later interrogated and then executed. A stranger named Brooklyn is found with Bulldog, but gets away. He is later idenitifed as a corporate solo and is working for MetaCortex. His handler of sorts is a man named Simon Peters. Through files obtained at the warehous, it is determined that MetaCortex is linked with Flatline 2020. Flatline was bought up by MetaCortex and they are interested in Adrianna.

Two side notes: the Givers Of Pain (GOP) have contacted the group and told them to back off. Night City Police Department (NCPD) have started investigating the disappearance of Glass.



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