Welcome to Hell…
(also known as the rest of your life)

As if Night City could get any worse. Well, it did choomba! The city is in ruins… well at least part of it. The part where all of us throw-aways live anyway. After the genPlague the city became a free-for-all; struggling to stay alive and not get infected and protect your ass from everyone else trying to steal your shit. I lost a lot of friends. But on the bright side… a lot of enemies too! It’s been about 3 years and the plague is pretty much contained. I often wonder what corporation has their hands on those fuckin’ zombies now. And those Altered kids… fucked up. Oh well… business as usual. Take care out there samurai. The winds of change haven’t stopped blowin’… there’s more darkness on the horizon.
~ Morgan Blackhand (Street Samurai; Solo; Merc for Hire)

The year is 2031. As September approaches, Night City begins to experience the wettest season of the year. Crime is up as a recession hits the fair city. Gang activity rises as well, and IBER (International Bureau of Extraction and Relocation) continues to sweep through the streets looking for Altered youth (genPlague infected teenagers whose body creates a compound known as Hexite, giving them “super-powers”).

All “zombie” sightings have effectively disappeared, ending a once potent threat to all citizens. The sewers and ruined part of Night City (affectionately known as Old Night City) still convey a sense of fear and danger unparalleled anywhere else save maybe the Combat Zone. Many a young and cocky street punk wanting to brag about his bravery have gone missing without a trace.

Cloning, artificial intelligence, and mind transitions are becoming more and more commonplace. Labs with rows of life-sustaining vats are rumored to be secretly nested throughout the city. What is really going on there no one knows… or at least they’re not telling.

Corporations run the world like clock-work and New Arasaka has returned to Night City. Rebuilding the once proud and stalwart icon in the corporate sector, the building now boasts a more impressive height and an even flashier skin. The corporation will resume business as usual towards the end of September 2031.

NCPD (Night City Police Department) continues to struggle with under-funding and short staffing and has been the subject of many internal investigations regarding abuse of authority and unprofessional conduct. The new mayor (Jansen Adams) has promised to increase funding priority for NCPD and many officers wait to see if he’s worth his salt. Only time will tell…

Cyberpunk 2030 - An Impending Darkness

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